Service Plan Restructuring

Service plans are a critical tool to alleviate customer migration. However, many energy marketers are not utilizing the benefits of service plans to their full potential. Many companies do not have a large number of their base enrolled in service plans, the service plans are priced to lose money, or the homeowner does not recognize the value of being enrolled in a service plan.

The service plan needs to be structured in a way in which the homeowner realizes the value of purchasing a plan while being profitable for the company. We have helped over 200 companies restructure their service plans to be more profitable while increasing enrollment. Not only will we help redesign your service plan, but we help implement by creating a campaign to both new and existing customers through marketing and training with both the customer service team as well as the technicians.

Why restructure your service plan?

  • Improve the profitability of your plan
  • Ensure customers understand the value proposition of being enrolled in a service plan
  • Increase service plan enrollment
  • Reduce customer migration
  • Attract new customers
  • Diversify your service plan offerings (air conditioning, natural gas, propane, generator, plumbing, etc.)

“ServicEdge™ consulted us on our service plans and their reengineered service plans generated profits of over $100,000 in only three months! We have come out of the overall ServicEdge™ program with a plan for profitability improvement that we are really excited about where that will take our business and we have already closed $90,000 in sales from our targeted marketing database.”

- Michael Januario, Sunshine Fuels & Energy Services