Financial Consulting

The old model of service as a loss leader to sell more oil has fallen by the wayside. You can – and must – make money in your service department. ServicEdge™ financial consulting offers all of the following:

  • Separate out your service and installations as separate departments
  • Identify sales, cost of goods, and operating expenses
  • Trailing 12 month analysis to determine business momentum and opportunity
  • Equipment sales profitability (40/20/40 rule)
  • Inventory carry costs and ways to shrink
  • Service plan profitability – and how to improve
  • Billable work pricing, profitability, and flat rate options

10% Target:

You should be realizing 10% of your sales as net profit. Are you? We can help you get there.

We will set up trend analysis, compare to industry best practices, and design a unique plan for your business. Once goals are established, we work with you to develop and implement processes to achieve significant returns.

“ServicEdge™ changed our whole mindset and approach to the service aspect of our business. They ServicEdge™ team ran technician focus groups, financial proformas and even created and instituted a marketing calendar entirely focused on an ROI. They helped us create and implement an employee incentive program and the results have been astounding.”

- James Falconi, Falconi Energy