Payment Options

At Hampden Fuel Oil Co., providing you with the best service at a fair price is our top priority. We understand that each customer in our service area has unique spending goals and budget responsibilities, which is why we offer several fuel purchasing options to help making managing heating bills easier than ever.

Budget Plan

Add predictability to your yearly heating costs with consistent fuel payments evenly spaced throughout the year. Choosing this option, you can benefit from easier monthly budgeting and low winter heating bills.

How it Works

  • We estimate your annual fuel needs based on previous history
  • Then, we multiply this amount by the projected price per gallon of fuel
  • This amount is divided into 12 equal monthly payments

Keep your fuel bills simple and predictable. Contact us to sign up!

Capped Budget Plan

Take advantage of price protection and consistent fuel bills with the Capped Budget Plan option. This plan works the same way as the original Budget Plan with the added bonus of a price cap to protect your wallet from market fluctuations. Your yearly costs will be spread out into even monthly payments. A predetermined “cap” price will be set at the beginning of your enrollment. You will never pay above this “capped” price per gallon. If the daily rate is below your “cap”, you pay the lower rate!

12 month budget plan


cap rate vs market price

Have questions about which payment plan is best for your household? Contact us to sign up or to enroll today!