Home Heating Oil

If you’re searching for reliable, timely delivery of high-quality home heating oil at competitive rates, you can trust Hampden Fuel Oil Co. We’ve been delivering fuel oil heat to customers located in the Hampden, MA area for years, and we continue to promote its use in homes across the state.

Why Choose Heating Oil?

There are so many benefits to keeping your Massachusetts home warm with fuel oil:

  • Oil heat is clean
    Today, home heating oil burns 95% cleaner than in 1970. Thanks to advancements in high-efficiency heating technology and additions like biodiesel, fuel oil is a clean energy source with low emissions and significantly reduced environmental impact.
  • Oil heat is safe
    Unlike other energy options, heating oil is a non-explosive fuel and is nearly impossible to ignite. It will produce visible warning signs of system malfunction, like soot or smoke, so that you can worry less about an undetectable issue affecting your family’s safety.
  • Oil heat is dependable
    Oil heat is here to stay and it burns 40% warmer than other heating fuels. This means you can keep your family warmer for less. Heating oil customers also benefit from the service perks of choosing a local provider, which include reliable delivery, professional maintenance, and more.


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Automatic Oil Delivery

Hampden Fuel Oil customers can sign up for automatic delivery to skip the guesswork involved with placing manual fuel orders. Learn more about the benefits and how we will create your custom heating oil delivery schedule here.

Will-Call Fuel Delivery

Will-call delivery is available to customers that prefer to make heating oil orders as needed. As a will-call customer, it is your responsibility to check your tank fuel gauge and to contact our office to schedule a delivery when you’re running low. The best time to schedule a delivery is when your tank reads above or at one-quarter (¼) full.

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Ready to receive prompt, professional delivery of home heating oil? Contact Hampden Fuel Oil to become a customer today!