Automatic Delivery

Staying warm during the winter in New England is essential. Now, heating your home is easier than ever with Hampden Fuel Oil Co.’s automatic delivery service. Our automatic delivery customers skip the inconvenience of monitoring their tank gauge and guessing when to schedule deliveries. Instead, Hampden Fuel Oil will track your heating oil use and deliver your fuel directly to your door, no phone calls or delivery appointments required!

How Does It Work?

Leave your fuel supply to the experts. We will use previous fuel use history and daily weather tracking to create custom delivery schedule. Tracking factors like personal heating preference and house size allows Hampden Fuel Oil to accurately estimate when you need your next delivery. This means more efficient and cost-effective fill ups, which translate into greater cost savings for you.

Why Should I Sign Up?

Signing up for automatic delivery with Hampden Fuel Oil is the easiest way to avoid a no-fuel emergency. Running out of heating oil is a serious safety hazard that can cause unnecessary risk and damage to your heating system. When you enroll in automatic delivery, you minimize this risk and enjoy valuable benefits like:

  • Total convenience
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Quick, efficient delivery
  • Greater peace of mind*



tanker truck on the highway

Ready to sign up? Have more questions about becoming an automatic delivery customer? We’re here to help! Contact Hampden Fuel Oil today.

*Safety Tip: Customers that choose automatic delivery should still check their fuel gauge every so often as a safety precaution. An increase in fuel usage, like additional household members, should be shared with Hampden Fuel Oil.